Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul Takes Action

For release: Wednesday - June 5, 2024

Image: Wisconsin Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General Symbol from WDOJ website

Common Cause Wisconsin Statement on the Indictment of Three in the Wisconsin Fake Electors scheme in 2020

In response to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul’s felony indictment felony indictment of three individuals for their participation in the Wisconsin Fake Electors scheme, Common Cause Wisconsin Executive Director Jay Heck released the following statement:

“For nearly four years now, Wisconsin voters have dealt with numerous negative consequences and have had their electoral intention and will undermined by the actions of Kenneth Chesebro, James Troupis and Michael Roman and by many others, who have spewed and spread misinformation and disinformation about our elections.

The fake elector scheme utilized by supporters of defeated President Donald Trump following the 2020 election in a number of closely contested battleground states apparently originated in Wisconsin apparently originated in Wisconsin. Their disinformation has resulted in the diminution of voting rights in our state and created numerous problems for election clerks and administrators. Holding bad actors like these three accountable is critically important in order to be able to reassure all voters that if anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, attempts to undermine their vote, severe legal consequences must and will follow.

The 2020 election was unequivocally won, both in Wisconsin and nationally, by President Joe Biden. As we gear up for another presidential election this year, we must continue to fight disinformation and hold bad actors who try to undermine our elections in 2024 or in future elections -- like these three are alleged to have done in 2020 -- wholly responsible and liable for their actions.”


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