Thursday, April 4, 2013

CC/WI Public Forum on Campaign & Election Reform Issues at UW-Whitewater on 4/22

                    Redistricting Reform
                 Disclosure of Money in Politics 
                       The Citizens United Decision
                 Public Financing of Elections
                               Voter Photo ID

"What Ever Happened to Good Government in Wisconsin?
And How Can We Fix It?"

Monday, April 22, 2013
6:30 – 8:00 PM

University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
University Center - Summers Auditorium
800 West Main Street

Whitewater, Wisconsin 

 ** Event is Free... and so are the cookies! **

Panelists: State Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson)
Bill Kraus, Republican Strategist and Common Cause in Wisconsin Chair
Anita Loch, Vice President of the Whitewater-Area League of Women Voters
Professor Kim Hixson, UW-Whitewater Communication Department Chair
and CC/WI Executive Director Jay Heck

Moderator:  Professor Susan Johnson, UW-Whitewater Political Science Department Chair

Please come join in the discussion and learn more about:
  • Redistricting/Gerrymandering reform in Wisconsin – how do we do it?
  • Disclosure of interest-group “phony issue ads” and other “outside” spending – is this necessary or would it stifle “free speech”?
  • How is the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs F.E.C affecting Wisconsin?
  • Will the new Voter Photo ID suppress voter fraud or voters?
  • Is Public Financing of our state elections needed?
  • Should we Elect or Appoint Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justices?
Presented by Common Cause in Wisconsin   
Underwritten by

              Co-Sponsored by:




Scott said...

Absolutely disgusting that you included UWW CR's in your sponsors without informing them of the date. There was not one conservative voice on the panel. Just another blatant example of liberal bias and manipulation.

Common Cause in Wisconsin said...

Scott, the UWW CRs were given the date of this event in early March; we received confirmation of their co-sponsorship from the Communication Dept. Chair on March 5th.

We try very hard to include one or more conservative voices on our panels (please see previous events). Invitations were extended to local current and former Republican legislators, but none were available to participate.