Friday, October 18, 2013

State Senator Mike Ellis Supports Public Hearings on Redistricting Reform Legislation

Press Release
October 18, 2013

State Senator Mike Ellis Supports Public Hearings
on Redistricting Reform Legislation

"Have the Public Hearing. What are You Afraid of? Have the Hearing,"
says the Neenah Republican

In a recent, wide-ranging interview with Appleton Post Crescent editorial page editor Larry Gallup, State Senator Michael Ellis (R-Neenah), the Senate President and longest serving GOP legislator in the Wisconsin Legislature, had a lot to say about a public hearing on Senate Bill 163, bipartisan redistricting reform legislation that was introduced almost six months ago. Despite repeated calls from Common Cause in Wisconsin, the editorial boards of almost every Wisconsin daily newspaper and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) has thus far failed to schedule a public hearing on the measure. Both Lazich and State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) have refused to say why.

Here is the Post Crescent exchange on redistricting reform:
Gallup: Most of the editorial boards in the state — and we’re one of them — have grouped together to advocate for a public hearing on a bill to change redistricting. Is there any chance that hearing will happen?

Ellis: I think they should have a hearing on it. There’s no reason why we can’t investigate that. I know the Democrats didn’t do it when they were in power and the Republicans won’t want to do it because they’re in power. But why don’t we just shake yesterday off and think of tomorrow? There’s no reason we can’t have a public hearing and explore the options that are available. It certainly is working in Iowa. So I don’t have any problem if anybody asked me. Have the public hearing. What are you afraid of? Have the hearing.

Ellis is a powerful and effective voice in his Caucus and in the Wisconsin Legislature. Let's hope his endorsement for public hearings will encourage more Republican legislators to speak out in favor of them as well -- and soon.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, just moments ago, weighed in on this important development. We will have more on redistricting reform next week.


Jay Heck, Executive Director
Common Cause in Wisconsin
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I support Mike's effort on redistricting.