Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taking Political Reform into 2014 and the Upcoming Elections!

Dear Friend of Reform,

Against the odds, 2013 has been a positive year and one in which we moved forward on much-needed political reform in Wisconsin. CC/WI led the effort to make non-partisan redistricting reform a huge issue that has steadily gained support and momentum over the last year and is still gathering steam! Fifteen daily newspapers, dozens of legislators and tens of thousands of citizens are increasingly clamoring for an end to hyper-partisan gerrymandering and demanding a public hearing on this matter. We have been relentless in pushing this ahead!

CC/WI also fought last Summer to successfully revise a bad campaign finance and election bill in the Wisconsin Assembly and make it better -- although not good enough to win our -- or your support. We will take that fight into 2014 when and if the State Senate takes up the legislation. But -- good news -- on December 27th, State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he would likely not bring this legislation to the floor of the State Senate for consideration because it lacks sufficient support.

CC/WI also led the effort to get a bipartisan electioneering disclosure measure introduced in the Legislature so that Wisconsin citizens can know what outside special interest groups are trying to influence their votes.

And we are a party to a lawsuit against Wisconsin's extreme and overly-restrictive photo voter ID law that was recently heard in Federal Court in Milwaukee and will be decided in early 2014.

At this time of year we want to say "thank you" to you for your efforts to assist us and to advance these reforms. We also hope that you will end 2013 by making a year-end contribution to Common Cause in Wisconsin so that we can continue to remain on the offensive in the New Year.

We intend to make support for non-partisan redistricting reform, electioneering disclosure and other reforms important election-year issues that candidates for public office in Wisconsin must address.

But we need your help to take our battle to this next, higher level.

Please go here to print out a contribution form and mail your check or credit card payment to:

Common Cause in Wisconsin
P.O. Box 2597
Madison, WI 53701-2597

Thank you -- and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Jay Heck, State Director
Sandra Miller, Director of Information Services and Outreach
and the CC/WI State Governing Board