Tuesday, October 28, 2014

List of Candidates for Redistricting Reform Rises to 77/Response to George Will's Hit Piece on Wisconsin

Common Cause in Wisconsin Reform Update
Tuesday October 28, 2014

1. Tri-Partisan Support for "The Iowa Plan" in Wisconsin Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform

2. CC/WI Responds to National Conservative Columnist George Will's Recent "Hit" Piece on Wisconsin

3. Do You, Or Does Anyone You Know, Need Transportation to a Polling Place on Election Day?

1. As the November 4th election nears, support by state legislative and statewide candidates for reforming Wisconsin's current, secret, expensive and hyper-partisan redistricting process with a transparent, cheap and non-partisan process such has been in effect in Iowa since 1981, has risen to 77! Thus far, 70 Democrats, 5 Libertarians and 2 Republicans have said they support and would vote for legislation that would institute an Iowa-type redistricting process to be in place for 2021 – the next time redistricting occurs.

To see the complete listing of supporters, go here.

2. Last week, George Will, the long-time, nationally syndicated conservative columnist in Washington, D.C. launched a blistering attack on efforts to combat political corruption and illegal campaign activity in Wisconsin. Will's diatribe was factually incorrect and he failed to disclose his own personal interest in his point of view. CC/WI responded on our blog site here.

3. CC/WI has compiled the state's best comprehensive statewide listing of contacts for voters who may need transportation (at no cost) to and from the polls next Tuesday.

Go here to see this growing list of groups/volunteers.

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