Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just One in Ten State Legislative Elections were Competitive in 2014

For Release: Wednesday - April 29, 2015

Democracy is in dire trouble when voters in a state have only one in ten state legislative districts that are even remotely competitive in a general election. Wisconsin was such a state in 2014. CC/WI conducted an analysis of last Fall's general election results, identifying the State Senate and State Assembly districts in which voters had a real choice that wasn't already preordained by the 2011 redistricting process.

Legislation to end hyper-partisan gerrymandering, Senate Bill 58, was introduced earlier this year. To see a list of the current co-sponsors of this legislation go here. If your State Senator and/or State Representative are not yet co-sponsors and supportive of non-partisan redistricting reform please contact them and tell them to co-sponsor and support Senate Bill 58. If you are not sure who your State Senator or State Representative is, go here (type in your home address under "Find My Legislators").

Finally, you can be among the first Wisconsinites to sign this on-line petition in support of non-partisan redistricting reform. We need to demonstrate that many citizens in this state want elections in which voters choose their representatives, not the inverse – which is what we have now in this state. Please urge your friends and family to sign the petition as well.


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