Saturday, October 10, 2015

Public Hearing This Tuesday, October 13th on Destruction of the GAB and Campaign Finance Deform Measures!

Saturday October 10, 2015

Very late Friday, when few people were paying attention, state legislative Republicans posted this notice for a public hearing on Tuesday, October 13th in the Capitol for measures to eviscerate the non-partisan GAB, and to destroy any meaningful contribution limits or limits on special interest money in WI elections, while effectively ending most disclosure and transparency of that money.

Because they have so little regard for you or for the public interest, the GOP has scheduled a "joint" hearing for Tuesday so they only have to hear from citizens opposed to these horrible measures just once and they will likely limit testimony. The two hyper-partisan bills that will destroy the GAB are Assembly Bill 388 and Senate Bill 294. The two that will deform campaign finance law are Assembly Bill 387 and Senate Bill 292.

Note: the hearing notice only mentions the Assembly bills. But the Senate bills are also the subject of the public hearing. Therefore, register to oppose both the Assembly and the Senate bills.

Here is what you must do to fight this assault on democracy:

1.) Show up, if you can, at the Capitol on Tuesday morning and register against all four bills (and testify against them if you can).

2.) Call or contact your State Senator & State Representative and demand they oppose all four bills. (If you don't know who your state legislators are, go here.)

3.) Spread this post far and wide. Hearing details are on the notice. Act now!


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