Thursday, January 4, 2018

Begin the New Year by Making Sure You're Ready to Vote in 2018

For Release: Thursday - January 4, 2018

The next opportunity to vote in Wisconsin is approaching very soon.

Wisconsin's Spring Primary is on February 20, 2018 – followed by the Spring Election on April 3, 2018. In less than two months, we will determine which two candidates will run for the critical State Supreme Court seat being vacated by retiring conservative, Justice Michael Gableman.

For more information on the State Supreme Court primary election candidates, go here.

In addition, voters will choose two Court of Appeals judges and Circuit Court judges in counties across the state.

The integrity of our state's judicial system is at stake. Mark your calendar with these two important dates. Now is the time to prepare to vote so you're not scrambling later.

Start by confirming that you're registered to vote at your current address.

Visit the "My Voter Info" page at, and enter your name and date of birth to check your voter registration status. You need to have lived at your current address for at least 10 days prior to Election Day in order to register to vote in that election district or ward.

If you're not already registered, there are several ways you can register to vote:

Online. Eligible voters in Wisconsin who have a valid Wisconsin driver license or a Wisconsin DMV-issued ID can now register online at up to 20 days before the election in which they are planning to vote.

By Mail. You can start your voter registration form online at – then print, sign and mail it to your municipal clerk along with a Proof Of Residence (POR) document. Your form and POR must be received no later than 20 days before the election in which you are planning to vote.

In your Municipal Clerk’s Office.
You can register in-person in your municipal clerk’s office up until the 5pm (or close of business) on the Friday before the election in which you are planning to vote. You'll need to bring a proof of residence document to complete your registration (this document can be shown electronically).

At the Polls on Election Day.
If you're unable to register by any of the methods above, you can still register at your polling place on Election Day. You will need to present a proof of residence document when registering (again, this document can be shown electronically). If your driver’s license or state ID card has your current address, that’s all you need.

Examples of proof of residence documents are here.

Save time and hassle. Register to vote now.

When you vote, you will need to present one of the acceptable forms of photo ID for voting pictured left.

(Click to enlarge image)

For more information about voter photo ID – and how to get a free ID if you don't have an ID acceptable for voting – see our downloadable voter ID fact sheet. Or visit the Wisconsin Election Commission's voter photo ID website: Bring It to the Ballot.

If you do not have an acceptable ID for voting and need help getting one, contact this statewide Voter ID Hotline #: 608/285-2141.

Are you (or do you know) a college student voting in Wisconsin?

Here are "Three Things College Students Need to Do To Vote in Wisconsin"

Make sure you participate in these elections. Remember, every election has consequences.

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