Friday, October 26, 2018

What College & University Students Need to Know to Vote in the November 6th Midterm Election

For Release: Friday - October 26, 2018

Only ten days remain before Election Day - November 6th. It's officially "crunch time."

We urge students not to wait until the last minute to make sure they're prepared to vote. Take steps now to ensure your voice is heard at the ballot box!

Start by making sure you are REGISTERED TO VOTE at your current address.

It's easy.

Go to My Vote Wisconsin, and enter your name and date of birth.

If you're not already registered to vote at your current residence, you can still register in your municipal clerk's office or at an early voting site up until 5pm (or close of business) on Friday, November 2nd – or you can register at your polling place on Election Day.

If you need to register to vote, you've got to bring along a proof of current residence document (this can be shown electronically from your cell phone). Acceptable proof of residence includes things like a paycheck or pay stub, a utility bill, a credit card statement... More examples of proof of residence documents are here.

If there is any chance that you won't make it to the polls on November 6th, VOTE EARLY.

Early voting is going on right now in Madison and Milwaukee. To find out where and when you can cast an early, in-person absentee ballot in other areas of Wisconsin, contact local municipal clerk’s office.

And don't forget to bring an ACCEPTABLE PHOTO ID for voting.

Most students already have a Wisconsin driver license or one of the other acceptable forms of photo ID for voting.

Using a College ID as Voter ID

If you do not have one of the other photo IDs listed left (click to enlarge), look up your school NOW on the appropriate list linked below to see if your current student ID is an acceptable form of ID for voting.

If your student ID cannot be used for voting, you can find out if a separate school-issued "voter photo ID" is available and how to get one.

University of Wisconsin – 4-Year Schools
University of Wisconsin – 2-Year Schools
Wisconsin Private Universities & Colleges
Wisconsin Technical Colleges

The standard student ID at only four of the University of Wisconsin's 13 four-year schools and at eight of the state's 23 private colleges can be used as a voter photo ID.

So, if you don't have a WI driver license or one of the other acceptable IDs, know your options and look up your school today!

Note: if you use a school-issued ID for voting, you must also present (or display electronically) at the polls a separate proof of enrollment document, such as an enrollment verification form, class schedule or tuition bill.

For more information on Wisconsin's voter photo ID requirement, visit: Bring It to the Ballot.

Don't put this off – please take these important steps now – and then share this information anywhere and any way you think helpful.

Bottom line: if we want to preserve and protect our democracy, we have to participate in it.


Sandra Miller
Director of Information Services & Outreach

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