Friday, April 30, 2021

In The News - April 2021

Wisconsin Legislature Fast Tracking Anti-voter Election Bills
April 27, 2021 - Between the Lines with Greg Stensland, WFDL Radio

How the Census and Redistricting Work in Wisconsin
April 20, 2021 - panelist, Jay Heck, University of Wisconsin - Superior News

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Voters Should Not Be Purged by WEC as Voter Roll Fight Turns to Local Clerks
April 12, 2021 - Tim Kowols, Door County Daily News

Wisconsin Legislature follows a nationwide systemic push against voting rights
April 6, 2021 - Melanie Conklin and Nate Rau, Wisconsin Examiner

CC/WI Director Jay Heck discusses sham legislative hearings and voter suppression measures in the Wisconsin Legislature
April 2, 2021 - interview starts at minute 1:16, The Devil's Advocates Radio

Election Committee Members Schooled During Latest Non-public Hearing
April 1, 2021 - Melanie Conklin, Wisconsin Examiner

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