Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Unjustifiable, Hyperpartisan Anti-Voter Measures Moving Through Wisconsin Legislature

Tuesday - May 25, 2021

New Pro-Voter Law Firm Providing Wisconsinites with Invaluable Assistance

National experts of all political persuasions, including former President Donald Trump's own Department of Justice, are all in agreement that the November 2020 election was among the most well run, secure, accurate, and fraud and error free of any presidential election on record. While Trump himself tried to undermine the legitimate election results long before last November 3rd, not a single federal or state court in the nation ruled in support of any of the bogus, false claims made by Trump and his minions about election "irregularities," or claims of voter "fraud" and improperly cast ballots -- either at polling places or by absentee ballot.

In Wisconsin last week, an investigation by the Associated Press found that there were just 27 cases of possible voter fraud identified by election officials out of more than 3.3 million votes cast. So far, no charges have been filed against any of those 27 and it's likely many less than 27 will be found to be actual fraud.

Therefore, there is absolutely no justification, legitimate reason or evidentiary basis for making it more difficult for Wisconsinites to vote, other than to gain an unfair partisan advantage in the next election. And yet that is exactly what majority Republicans in both chambers of the Wisconsin Legislature have been doing for the last several months and continue to do.

Specifically, the bills that will get a State Senate committee vote on Thursday make it far more difficult and complicated for elderly Wisconsinites and voters with disabilities to be able to cast a vote by absentee ballot and make it more difficult for all Wisconsinites to even be able to request and obtain an absentee ballot. One measure even stipulates that the existence of a pandemic such as COVID-19 is not a justifiable reason for declaring oneself to be "indefinitely confined." Instead, Republican legislators will determine who is sick enough for that diagnosis rather than the voter in consultation with their medical professionals.

Fortunately, Gov. Tony Evers has promised to veto voter suppression measures like this, and the Republicans do not have sufficient majorities in either legislative chamber to override a veto. But they have made it clear that they will continue to push these undemocratic and restrictive measures to appease Trump and his supporters and to gain further partisan advantage in the future.

During the last year, a new Wisconsin law firm formed that works on protecting democracy from threats such as this. Law Forward has actively engaged with Wisconsin citizens and organizations such as CC/WI on issues like voter suppression and on ending partisan gerrymandering, as well as achieving redistricting reform and fair voting maps.

An example of their excellent work is this comprehensive summary and analysis of the anti-voter measures introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature. Law Forward also has issued a thorough and easy to understand explanation of the redistricting process. To receive regular e-mail updates from Law Forward, sign up for their newsletter.

The Wisconsin Legislature should be making it easier for more of its citizens to vote instead of constructing more obstacles -- and without any rational justification other than to gain a partisan advantage.

We know you will join us in this fight and not surrender to the demagoguery, disinformation, and conspiracy theories that are driving this misguided and thoroughly Un American attack on democracy.

On Wisconsin! 
Jay Heck 
🗣 Your voice is needed. 🗣

Contact your state senator and your state representative and let them know that these anti-voter bills need to be defeated! Your legislators need to hear from you that this attempt to restrict election participation is not acceptable. The bills are moving quickly through the State Senate and Assembly. Take action today. (This form makes it easy to directly contact your legislators.)


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