Thursday, January 20, 2022

Your Vote Matters in Every 2022 Election

Thursday - January 20, 2022

Make a plan to vote in all the upcoming 2022 Elections
Elections start up in Wisconsin this Spring, even though it will most definitely still be winter. The Spring Primary is February 15, 2022. Not everyone in the state will have candidates to vote for during this primary. You can check to see if you have a primary election on February 15, by going to and entering your address information or by contacting your municipal clerk.
Make a plan to vote in every election in 2022.
Anyone can vote by absentee ballot in Wisconsin. When you request your ballot, you do not have to state any reason for wanting your absentee ballot mailed to you. You can even sign up to receive an absentee ballot for every election in 2022 with just one request. Request yours online:
If you see that you do not have a ballot to cast in the Spring Primary on February 15, then mark your calendar for the Spring General Election on April 5, 2022.
The Spring Elections may include nonpartisan local races such as City Council, Village President, School Board, Mayor, Alders, Judges, and County Executive. You have more power with your vote in local elections because there are fewer votes per race and you vote for issues that directly impact your communities. Local governments make decisions about public transit, schools, affordable housing, water quality, how millions of tax dollars are spent and more. They make decisions that directly affect us, our families, our friends, and our neighbors.
Keep these 2022 Election Dates handy:
  • Spring Primary: February 15 (voting only for some Wisconsinites, check for your status)
  • Spring Election: April 5 (voting for all Wisconsinites)
  • Fall Primary: August 9 (voting for all Wisconsinites)
  • Fall General Election: November 8 (voting for all Wisconsinites)
And remember, your plan to vote this year starts at where you can find all the information you need to prepare, including important dates, where your local polling place is, what’s on your ballot, how to register to vote, and your municipal clerk’s information.
If you need assistance, there are folks ready to help:
  • Call or text the WI Voter Helpline at 608-285-2141 and you will be connected to a nonpartisan person who can help answer all your voting questions. You can also request services such as getting assistance at the DMV to get an ID to vote or having someone witness your absentee ballot.
  • Voters with disabilities have the right to an accessible polling place. This includes the right to use an accessible voting machine, to assistance marking a ballot, and to voting curbside. Call the Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline for assistance: 1-844-347-8683. Or email: Additional online resources are also at the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website.
  • If you experience problems at the polls or have questions, there is help. Call Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) for support from nonpartisan election protection volunteers with questions or to report any problems.
We hold the power at the ballot – All people deserve to have their voices heard and their communities represented. Be a voice for your community through the power of your vote. Make a plan to vote in every election in 2022.


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