Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WI College & University Students: Prepare now for the November 8th Election!

Wednesday - August 17, 2022

Important Information Students Need to be Able to Vote

​It’s that time of year again when students are returning to campus for the start of the Fall semester. Now is the best time for students to make sure they are prepared to vote in the November Election in Wisconsin as they are moving into their dorm rooms, apartments and houses and as many are obtaining their college or university student photo IDs. The election this Fall is critical and important on so many levels. You will want to be sure you have what Wisconsin law requires in order to make important choices at the polling place that will do so much to determine your lives and future.

IMPORTANT: The photo ID students are issued by their public university in Wisconsin, or their private college or university is not necessarily usable to vote and may not comply with Wisconsin law regarding acceptable photo IDs. At some public and some private institutions, the student photo ID issued does comply with state law and can be used to vote. But, at other public and private institutions, the photo ID issued to students does not comply with state law for voting and an alternative photo ID must be obtained in order to vote. It is important for students to find out and know now whether or not the photo ID issued by their public or private college or university in Wisconsin can be used when voting and we have that information below.  Don't wait until November to do this!

Below is important information for all college and university students to know to make sure they are ready to vote in Wisconsin. Common Cause Wisconsin has compiled information students need to be ready to cast their ballot this Fall:

Here, students will find straightforward information from Common Cause Wisconsin on how to register to vote, find your polling place, and which photo IDs are eligible to cast a ballot in Wisconsin.

Additionally, Common Cause Wisconsin has created an easy reference for students to look up their school across the state to see if their current student ID is an acceptable form of ID for voting. If the student ID cannot be used for voting, students can find out if a separate school-issued photo ID card for voting is available and how to get one.

Note: you can use a school-issued ID for voting that is expired. If you do present an expired student ID, you must also present (or display electronically) at the polls, a separate, current proof of enrollment document, such as an enrollment verification form, class schedule or tuition bill. If the ID is unexpired, then you do NOT need to present proof of current enrollment.

As we have in past years, we will continually update this resource page with new information or changes. 

Please share this information widely with anyone you know who is attending a college, university, community or technical school in Wisconsin!

Here are some additional voting resources for student voting in any state:

Students: Prepare now, so your voter experience can occur smoothly and without hassle when you cast your ballot in this November’s election and beyond. 

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