Thursday, August 31, 2023

In The News - August 2023

Republicans Target Wisconsin’s Election Chief for Removal, Fueled by Falsehoods
August 29, 2023 - Neil Vigdor, The New York Times

Election conspiracists testify at disputed confirmation hearing for WEC administrator
August 29, 2023 - Henry Redman, Wisconsin Examiner

WEC Administrator Reappointment Hearing
August 29, 2023 - Greg Stensland, Between the Lines, WFDL fm radio

Liberal Supreme Court justices make sweeping changes to enhance transparency and accountability
August 23, 2023 - Steve Schuster, Wisconsin Law Journal

Legal community weighs in on Supreme Court Justice Protasiewicz’s duty to recuse over gerrymandering cases
August 23, 2023 - Steve Schuster, Wisconsin Law Journal

Voting by college students in La Crosse could be affected by election lawsuit in county court
August 17, 2023 - Brad Williams, WIZM News La Crosse

The rigged Wisconsin voting lines lawsuit and impeaching Judge Janet with Wisconsin Common Cause’s Jay Heck
August 15, 2023 - Rick Solem, WIZM News La Crosse

They Cried Foul On The 2020 Election — Then Advised Wisconsin's Top Election Officials
August 12, 2023 - Matt Shuham Huffpost

Gerrymandering in Wisconsin cause voters to submit petition
August 3, 2023 - William Lien, WDIO News Duluth

Wisconsin Supreme Court gains liberal majority as Justice Janet Protasiewicz is sworn in
August 2, 2023 - Nick Vachon and Rebekah Sager, The American Independent

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