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Your 2024 Election To-Do List in Ground Zero Wisconsin

For release: Thursday - January 18, 2024

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What you can do now to be ready to vote in the 2024 election

In every presidential election year in the 21st century, Wisconsin has been front and center as one of the most closely contested, pivotal “battle ground” states that play a major role in deciding who is elected President. 2024 is no exception and may be even more important than ever because the margins determining who wins and loses Wisconsin have been closer here than in any other state.


Every vote really does matter and makes a difference in “ground zero” Wisconsin. Did you know that in four of the six presidential elections in Wisconsin since the year 2000, the margin of victory was less than 26,000 votes out of more than three and a half million votes cast?


Again, every vote is important and matters in Wisconsin!


It’s vitally important to prepare sooner rather than later for this year’s elections. We have many candidates, offices, and ballot questions that need your focus, consideration and participation in determining how Wisconsin and the country is represented and in carrying out the will of the people. Here are some things you can take care of now to make it easier on yourself and to ensure your vote will be counted during 2024.



☑ Check to see when you vote next.

Some (but not all) voters in Wisconsin will have an election on February 20, 2024. This is the Spring Primary election for important local elections for offices like mayor; city, village, or town council; alder; county supervisor; or school board. You will have an election only if the number of candidates needs to be narrowed for the General Spring Election in April. To see if you have an election in February go to and enter your address information. You will be given the date of the next election that you can cast a ballot and if you vote in February you can view an image of what will be on your ballot.



☑ Request your absentee ballots - for the next election or for all elections in 2024.

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) encourages voters who choose to vote absentee by mail to request their ballot as soon as possible, whether online or by mail.


You can request your absentee ballot at now for your next election or for all of the elections in 2024. Making your request early helps your clerk to prepare and ready ballots for you and the voters in your community when the time comes to mail them out.


As always, when your ballot arrives, be sure to follow the instructions and fill out your ballot and return envelope correctly. Double check that all the information on the return envelope is complete and correct. Then mail it back to the clerk in the postage-paid envelope as soon as possible and well in advance of the election date in which you are participating.



☑ Check your voter status and information.

Be sure your information is correct and up to date, especially if you’ve moved since you last voted. You can even update your address information online in just a few minutes. All this can be done at



☑ Educate yourself about important election issues.

Our friends with the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition are presenting a Voter Education Lunch and Learn Series this year with valuable information for all voters. The first two webinars are coming up. Sign language interpreters will be available. Click the links below to sign up.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024 | 12:00 – 12:45 pm

Topics: Voter Registration and Absentee Voting


Monday, February 6, 2024 | 12:00 – 12:45 pm

Topics: Voting Rights and Why Local Elections Matter


Additionally, you can find voting information at the Common Cause Wisconsin website including resources for how to get assistance and answers for your election questions.


Important Information for College & University Students: Younger voters and those who are enrolled at a Wisconsin University, College, or Technical School can get the information they need to be able to vote from this Common Cause Wisconsin Student Resource Page. Please share the link with the student voters in your life. 



☑  Go above and beyond voting: Become a poll worker or election observer!

Your town, village, or city may be in need of poll workers for the Spring Elections. If you're looking for a way to make an important and meaningful impact in 2024, consider becoming a poll worker. It's one of the most important roles you can play to help ensure a free and fair election. Find your clerk and reach out to see if poll workers are needed in your municipality.


In 2024, The League of Women Voters once again is managing the important Election Observer Program throughout the state. They are currently recruiting Election Observer Volunteers for the April 2, 2024 Spring General Election.


Election observers make sure we have a fair election by monitoring the procedures at polling sites on Election Day. The volunteer shifts on Election Day for observers are flexible. Sign up to be an election observer even if you have a couple of hours to spend at the polls.


Once you sign up, The League of Women Voters will provide you with online training, a reporting form, a polling place assignment with flexible shifts, and an Election Day hotline number for questions or to report a problem.

Being an election observer is a vital way you can help maintain a strong democracy. Learn more and sign up to volunteer today! 



By taking a few moments now, to prepare for the upcoming February, April, August and November 2024 elections you can ensure that your vote will be counted and your voice will be heard. Wisconsin voters and our votes play a pivotal role, not only determining the outcome of Wisconsin elections, but in the nation at large. Embrace this important responsibility and stand up for democracy and for free and fair elections.


On Wisconsin! Forward!

Jay Heck


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