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Common Cause in Wisconsin (CC/WI) has been the lead organization behind every meaningful political reform in Wisconsin since we were founded here in 1972.

We led the way in establishing state election public financing, open meetings laws, open records laws, and lobbying reform, including mandatory online reporting. We also drove the effort to shine light on the Legislative Caucus Scandal a decade ago and in eliminating the partisan caucus staffs, saving Wisconsin taxpayers $4 million a year. CC/WI was instrumental in the establishment of the effective, independent, nonpartisan Government Accountability Board (GAB) in 2007 to replace the ineffective, partisan state election and ethics board.

CC/WI also has been leading the statewide effort to enact non-partisan redistricting reform in Wisconsin before the next redistricting process occurs in 2021.

More recently, CC/WI played a lead role in opposing the Wisconsin GOP legislature's hyper-partisan, self-serving, corruption-inducing agenda – an agenda that included dismantling the GAB, “deforming” campaign finance laws, and exempting political crimes from being investigated under the state’s John Doe process.

We were everywhere, every day – fighting against overwhelming odds.

At the forefront of the legislative counter-attack in the Capitol, CC/WI worked with pro-reform legislators, helping to draft alternative, “real” campaign finance reform legislation. At the same time, we were the primary voice in state and national media, denouncing the campaign finance deform and GAB destruction measures.

In 2017, we will continue to fight for real reform and to keep the GOP's hyper-partisan agenda in the public eye so that Wisconsin citizens will have the last word on all of this. To further ensure that the voices of Wisconsinites are heard, we will redouble our efforts to register voters and to get citizens the requisite photo ID we all now need to cast a ballot.

We will never rest until we restore integrity, honesty and transparency to Wisconsin government.

But we can't do all of this alone.

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With your help we can and will restore Wisconsin to its rightful place as a leader in good government.

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