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For release: Tuesday - March 7, 2023

  Image: Inside the Wisconsin Supreme Court Chambers. Photo by J Heck. 


By now you are undoubtedly aware of the critical importance of the fast-approaching April 4th election in Wisconsin that will decide a new and pivotal Justice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and with that decision, the future direction of Wisconsin, and maybe of the nation. Also on that day, numerous important elections for local offices that have tremendous impact on your daily lives will occur and be decided. Here is a quick listing of some events and things you can do to be an active participant in the preservation and protection of fair and free elections in Wisconsin. Take a look now and decide how you can and want to get involved. And, there is also important information about voting by absentee ballot or "in-person" at your polling place for you to utilize and share with others.


Volunteer to Observe Polling Sites for the April 4th Election


Common Cause Wisconsin (CC/WI) is joining Campus Vote Project and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in seeking nonpartisan volunteers to observe polling locations in Wisconsin that, in particular, serve college campuses and universities primarily with student voters. This is a critical and important task for this upcoming election and we need volunteers.


If you are interested in learning more and volunteering for the program for the April 4 Election, please sign-up through this form. Online training and Election Day support will be provided. Thank you!



Volunteer to Provide Rides for Voters in Milwaukee 


Souls to the Polls are looking for volunteers interested in driving voters to the polls for the April 4th Election in the Milwaukee area. Learn more and sign up.


Election Related Events

Monday, March 20 at 12pm - WI Disability Vote Coalition - The Spring Election Matters: Lunch & Learn 

Save the Date: March 30th at 6:00 PM - Common Cause Wisconsin and Delta Beer Lab - Townhall Meeting and Panel on Partisan Gerrymandering and the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election!  And come play a fun, instructive gerrymander-themed bingo game called Loteria and enjoy a Wisconsin beer!  All at Delta Beer Lab in Madison, located at (167 East Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713 -- right off the Beltline, Rimrock Road Exit). We will be providing further details on this fun event soon, so stay tuned!


Be Ready to Vote


The April 4th Election is underway! Make a plan and know how you will cast your ballot. These options are available to all Wisconsin Voters.


1. With an absentee ballot by mail,
2. In person by absentee ballot at your clerk’s office or designated site (aka “early vote”),
3. In person at your polling location on Election Day.


Go to MyVote.wi.gov and make a request for your absentee ballot to be sent to you by mail in just seconds. In Wisconsin, any registered voter can vote absentee - no excuses needed. Request your ballot for the April 4th election today. The sooner you make your request, the more likely you are to receive and send back your ballot in time for it to be counted. We suggest you make your absentee ballot request now to ensure you receive and have time to return your ballot for it to be counted.

You can also go to MyVote.wi.gov to get information like locations, dates, and times, about in person voting by absentee ballot from your clerk prior to Election Day (aka “early vote”) which happens for the two-week period prior to Election Day on March 21.

Finally, you can find your polling location if you choose to vote in person on Election Day. All polling locations across the state are open from 7:00 AM-8:00 PM on Election Day.


You can do all these things and more at MyVote.wi.gov including previewing your ballot, registering to vote, tracking your absentee ballot, and finding information on photo ID needed to vote in Wisconsin.

Get involved. Stay encouraged. Connect with other Wisconsin voters! Your active participation strengthens our democracy, preserves our freedom to vote and lifts up our voices.


On Wisconsin!  



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