Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Free Rides to the Polls During Early Voting or on Election Day

For Release: Tuesday - November 1, 2016

Need a Ride to the Polls During Early Voting or on Election Day?

Common Cause in Wisconsin Aims to Help

Two years ago, Common Cause in Wisconsin (CC/WI) received a call from a voter in Racine wondering if we knew of anyone in her area offering free rides to the polls on Election Day. After much digging we were able to find a group doing just that – the Racine Interfaith Coalition.

That individual's request got us thinking about the many other voters who might be having a hard time finding a ride to their polling place. So we started researching ride options across the state and discovered that, in most areas where rides were being offered, information about the service was often scarce.

In many areas, we found that free rides to the polls were simply not happening.

To help shore up this information gap, and at the same time, create more free ride options, CC/WI reached out to advocacy groups, transit authorities, and transportation companies throughout Wisconsin to identify and compile a list of those offering a free ride service. We also recruited individual volunteers to add to our statewide "Free Rides to the Polls" master list – a list that was used widely back in 2014.

We are conducting the same program this fall, and have so far put together a list with nearly three times as many ride options as the one we compiled two years ago. And the number of drivers/organizations offering rides is still growing.

If you or someone you know needs a ride, check out the latest version of this year's list of free ride options linked on our website.

And if you would like to join our team of volunteer drivers – or know of any folks in your area offering free rides to the polls during this final week of early voting, on Election Day, or both – please contact us asap so that we can add you/them to our list!

Remember, if we want to preserve and protect our democracy, we not only have to show up – we need to do whatever we can to help other eligible voters do the same.


Sandra Miller
Director of Information Services & Outreach

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