Monday, November 15, 2021

Speaking up for Truth about Wisconsin Elections at the Holidays

Monday - November 15, 2021

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It has now been more than a year since the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin. After the mandatory statewide canvass, a recount requested by former President Donald Trump's campaign, and several court decisions -- the result was the same and confirmed -- Joe Biden won Wisconsin by over 20,000 votes. It wasn't even the closest presidential election in Wisconsin in recent history. Both 2000 and 2004 were far closer and 2016 was almost as close. And yet, conspiracy theorists and "die hard" Trump supporters have refused to acknowledge the certified outcome of the election in Wisconsin and continue to try to undermine the results.

Alarmingly, these "false prophets" currently dominate the Republican Party in Wisconsin and are currently engaged in a sham, hyper partisan investigation led by extreme right wing former state supreme court justice Michael Gableman as well as pushing unproven allegations about voting in a Racine County nursing home being pushed by a rogue lieutenant and his boss, the partisan, Trump-supporting Sherriff of Racine County -- that are so outrageous that even the District Attorney of Racine County has refused to support the allegations. And on top of all of that, Republicans in the State Senate have launched their own conspiracy theory "investigation" of the 2020 election. When will it all finally end when will they move on to 2021 and beyond?

As many of you gather with family, friends and neighbors over the Thanksgiving holidays, the political differences of opinion on polarizing subjects such as Trump and the 2020 election can sometimes percolate up into the conversation with friends or loved ones. Or, if it not spoken about it can still be "the elephant in the room" with the possibility of spoiling any holiday gathering.

Our friends at All Voting is Local developed a Factsgiving informational webinar to help you navigate the tricky and even treacherous "waters" of how to talk about the 2020 elections and the continuing drama and false narratives that you may have to encounter in the weeks ahead. We hope this webinar will help you to be able to get through these challenging conversations with loved ones and help you to keep your sanity and your cool! Enjoy! 
Jay Heck
CC/WI Executive Director
Factsgiving 101: How to talk about WI's sham review over the holidays
Thursday, 11/18, 6:30pm CT
It's Thanksgiving dinner and you're gathering for the holidays. But Uncle Rob has some pretty wild theories about the 2020 election and wants everyone to hear them. How do you talk about the danger posed by Wisconsin's sham review of the 2020 election and not let Uncle Rob ruin Thanksgiving dinner? You've come to the right place — RSVP now and join us for a holiday messaging training to help you correct misinformation and speak the truth about the scam investigations into the 2020 election.
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