Friday, November 5, 2021

Votes in Legislature Next Week: Partisan Republican Voting Maps are as Rigged and Unfair as in 2011

Friday - November 5, 2021

Your State Senator and State Representative Need to Hear from You to Vote No!

Decade-Old Gerrymandered G.O.P Voting Maps Kept Largely Intact by Vos & LeMahieu

Wisconsin Republican legislative leaders, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and State Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) have scheduled votes this week in the Wisconsin Legislature on their redistricting plans for state legislative and congressional districts for the next decade, which were conceived entirely in secret and without any serious public input, and suddenly released without warning on October 20th and given a single public hearing in the Capitol in Madison on October 28th.
The vote on the Republican gerrymandered voting maps could occur in the State Senate as soon as Monday, November 8th and in the Assembly later in the week but likely no later than Thursday, November 11th. Therefore, we need to act now!

Hundreds of Wisconsinites and numerous citizen organizations testified against Senate Bill 621 / Assembly Bill 624 and Senate Bill 622 / Assembly Bill 625, the legislation containing the G.O.P. voting maps for state legislative and congressional districts for the next ten years. After nearly nine hours of testimony, not a single person (or organization) testified in support of these undemocratic, unacceptable measures other than Vos and LeMahieu!

The Republican redistricting plans are every bit as unfair and corrupt as they were in 2011 when they rammed through and put into place the most hyper partisan, gerrymandered state legislative and congressional voting maps in the nation that year and one of the five most skewed and rigged gerrymanders in the nation during the past 50 years.

It is absolutely essential for any and every Wisconsinite who cares about fair elections and democracy to weigh in against Senate Bill 621/Assembly Bill 624 and Senate Bill 622/Assembly Bill 625.

For information and background about these measures and how we arrived at this place in Wisconsin, you can review CC/WI's October 28th testimony against these measures

Watch this "debate" moderated by the Marquette University Law School between CC/WI Director Jay Heck and former Republican State Rep. Joe Handrick, a top G.O.P. redistricting consultant which lays out many of the issues surrounding partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin.

Every member of the Wisconsin Legislature -- Republican and Democratic -- needs to hear from their constituents that these rigged, gerrymandered voting map plans for both state legislative and congressional districts is unfair and unacceptable! It is imperative that you contact both your State Senator and your State Representative and tell them to vote No! Write a letter directly to your legislators now with this quick and easy tool:

We will never give up the fight for fair voting maps and an end to partisan gerrymandering in our state.

On Wisconsin!
Jay Heck
Common Cause Wisconsin


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